A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc

Helping put the peices of the puzzle together.

6743 Forest Hill Blvd # 271
West Palm Beach, FL 33413


Mold testing and Inspecion Service offering mold inspections in West Palm Beach and Miami and all areas between including Boca Raton, Aventura, Plantation, Ft Lauderdale, and Pembroke Pines.

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Helping put the peices of the puzzle together.

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1 888 381 6651

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If you need professional mold inspections and air sampling because you suspect family members recent upper respiratory health problems are related to time spent indoors, or if you need such services due to unusual odors, or for insurance claims, allergen doctor review, or for your mold removal specialist, then we can provide you with the services of a Florida state licensed mold testing specialist. Our professionals can help. As required by law we are licensed and insured, in addition we are fully certified in mold inspections, allergen testing, home inspections, and indoor air quality. Being established as A Accredited Home Inspection Service, Inc. in 1994 and A Accredited Mold Inspection Service, Inc. in 2003 we are experienced. Any problem you are dealing with we have likely encountered many times before.

Company Description
Our mold inspectors are located in West Palm Beach and visit regularly commercial and residential clients dealing with air quality issues in your area. In fact we serve clients in Miami - Dade County, Broward County, Martin and St Lucie Counties, and even down in Monroe County. Our certified inspectors will properly inspect, investigate, detect, and diagnose mold problems as well as moisture leakage from water intrusion problems such as roof and plumbing leaks. In addition we provide certified South Florida mold test reports with help and advice related to toxic mold also known as toxic black mold, or Stachybotrys.

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To set up an appointment with one of our Florida mold inspectors just call us at: 1 888 381 6651

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